A Shepherd’s Heart

Psalm 69: 6  Let not those who wait for You, O Lord GOD of hosts, be ashamed because of me; Let not those who seek You be confounded because of me, O God of Israel.

Influence, your influence goes further than you know.  The Psalmist understood people were watching him and how he responded to the pressures dogging him, accusations being hurled and the malicious actions that came.

His primary concern wasn’t about his self-image, comfort or vindication.  He didn’t want to be a stumbling rock to anyone observing him.  He didn’t want his situation create anxiety for anyone following the Lord.  In a word, he was “other-centered” and not “self-centered”.

Too often when I’ve faced assaults my first response deals with self-preservation and easing of personal discomfort; however a shepherd’s heart is always oriented outward & upward before inward.

Are my responses to challenges inspiring people to seek the Lord or run for cover, encouraged or dismayed, hopeful or despondent?

This scenario reminds me of a chorus sung years ago; “In my life Lord, be glorified, be glorified!”

“Lord don’t let anyone be detracted from pursuing You because of my challenges!.