Guarded Lips

Psalm 141: 3   Set a guard, O Lord, over my mouth; Keep watch over the door of my lips.

Some of the biggest trouble I’ve ever created for myself has been because of things said that can’t be retrieved.  The Psalmist undoubtedly found himself in the same predicament.  He exercised wisdom, realizing that is was only through divine enablement that his words wouldn’t be the cause of his demise.  James reminds us one evidence of maturity is being able to control our tongue.

What or who is the guard that watches over our lips?  The word of God gives entrance of light for our hearts; but it is also a helmet for our minds, the source or originator of our words.  When His word is our guard, our words become apples of gold in settings of silver, they become bearers of truth motivated by love and declarations of our trust and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Guard my lips oh Lord!