Redeemed From Generational Transgression

We begin reading the second book of Psalms, penned by the “Sons of Korah”.  Most scholars agree these Psalms were written “post David” reign, likely during the dispersion to Babylon.

You will recall Korah was a primary leader in an insurrection of Moses, yet here we find that some of his ancestors are authors of one of the most beloved books in the entire Bible.  One of the Korahites tasks was gate keepers of the tabernacle and later on the temple, being sons of Levi. They were addicted to the Presence of the Lord, in spite of their ancestry.

Don’t permit the past transgressions, as grievous as they may be to restrain you from fulfilling God’s destiny and purpose for your life.  Why?  There are songs/psalms inside of you yet to be sung.

Sing aloud sons of Korah!