Trans-Generational Faith

Psalm 145: 4  One generation shall praise Your works to another, And shall declare Your mighty acts.

If there is any place we should share our testimonies, it’s around the dinner table, with the children present.  Stories of God’s past faithfulness and working in our lives and on our behalf make imprints on the memory of the listeners, especially the children.

It was during such times that I first heard of supernatural healings and miracles that created a life time of hunger to see the awesome acts of God for my generation and now for our children and grandchildren.

Not just the miracles though, but also the grace, compassion and mercies of the Lord; His forgiveness and lovingkindness; His response to prayer and supplication.  It is hearing of God’s interventions whether from attack or self-infliction, resulting in hope that leads to faith.

Holidays are wonderful times to share, but also so are pizza nights!