1 Chron. 1 He Knows Your Name

In this initial book of Chronicles, we have a genealogy from Adam, that doesn’t include Cain or Able. There are those who ascribe to some of these listed, the origins of various nations of the earth; i.e. Africa, Germany, et al. The basis of those comments for some are credible, others disregard them.

When reading a chronological listing of people, what can we glean? At the risk of sounding simple, we glean that God knows each of our names and we’re on His mind. He knows when we were born, where we are now and what our destiny in Him is.

The question is will we step into our destiny in Him? Some of those listed in this chapter, their lives still impact us today. For example Noah! His being righteous in the midst of a decadent culture, doing what God asked him that had never been done before; serves as a model for living a life of faith. The ark was a means of salvation, pre-figuring the cross and the faith required to appropriate what is provided for us by what was accomplished on Calvary.

You have a destiny in Him and He will empower you to fulfill it, provided we yield to Him.