1 Chron. 11 Mighty Men

The biography of David continues with the balance of Israel coming to Hebron and requesting him to become king of the entire nation. A covenant was entered into, followed by anointing David as king; fulfilling the word of the Lord by Samuel.

David went to Jerusalem, which was still ruled by the Jebusites that refused to allow David to lay claim to their city. David committed that whoever attacked them first, would be captain; which gives entrance to Joab, who did what had been asked.

The “mighty men” of David, who were men of strength and were vital to his becoming king and establishing his reign.

As we read the few accounts that are listed here, we understand why they were considered so valuable to David. Jashobeam killed 300 men with just his spear. Eleazar along with two others made a stand in a barley field that Lord used as a means of great encouragement to warriors of Israel.

We read of three men that went to fetch David a drink from the well of Bethlehem. David refused to drink it; offering it to the Lord. It’s hard for us to comprehend such an act; at the risk sounding of putting myself in the same category as David.

On an early trip to Uganda, we were invited to a Leader’s home, being the first white people to visit that village. During our too brief visit, our host sent one of his children to purchase 3 bottles of water, which cost $1.50 each. In the U.S. that wouldn’t mean a whole lot; however when you understand some our Pastors are only compensated a meager amount of $5/month or in some cases a week; there was an emotion that rose within me, reminding me immediately of David’s offering that provided a glimpse into what had prompted his actions.

Benaiah is worthy of particular note; having killed two “lion-like heroes of Moab”, killed a lion in the midst of a snowy pit during a snow fall, he also killed an Egyptian who was over seven and half feet tall. He also wrestled the spear from the Egyptian’s possession and killed him with it.

One of men listed in this litany of “mighty men” is “Uriah the Hittite”. Recall the conspiracy by David and Joab to murder him. This makes the deed even more heinous.

Over the course of many years in ministry, the Lord has given some men and women who have stood in the gap and been “mighty” for me. A number of those people are still standing for us and are just as mighty as David’s men were to him.

As leaders, there are few gifts we can receive that are greater than having those who are “mighty” in strength and spirit. When you discover one, nurture that relationship and it will benefit you greatly; as it did David.