1 Chron. 13 God’s Presence

After having secured his reign, David desired to do something that would solidify the unity and goodwill of the nation that was pervasive as a result of his coming to reign over “all Israel”. He chose to bring the ark to Jerusalem; which hadn’t been used much at all during the reign of Saul. Recall it had been retrieved by the Levites near the locale of the Philistines on a “new cart”.

David “gathered all Israel from the border of Egypt to Hamath or the entrance to Antioch. There is no doubt David’s motivation was totally appropriate and even commendable. Even having all the priests present for this relatively short trip, along with “all Israel” playing music, worshipping with all their might and using all types of instruments; was equally appropriate and commendable.

However there was a subtle, yet very strategic manner in which the ark was being transported that went against the Law. They, as the Philistines, placed the ark on “new cart”; rather than having it placed in poles and carried on the shoulders of the Aaronic priests. That may not seem like a “big deal”; yet when the sons of Abinadab, Uzzah and Ahio who weren’t authorized to touch the ark came to Chidon’s threshing floor and the oxen stumbled, prompting Uzzah to reach out to steady the ark, he was struck dead. David became angry as a result of what the Lord did that day and didn’t bring the ark into Jerusalem; rather he left it with “the house of Obed-Edom” for the next three months, during which time Obed-Edom was incredibly blessed. One ancient writing declares that Obed-Edom had eight daughters-in-law who became pregnant at the same time and all gave birth to eight sons on the same day. But this man was blessed in all that he did; socially, agriculturally, financially and spiritually. That’s the result of God’s presence being manifested and released. It doesn’t say that Obed-Edom was doing anything “special” to see that manifestation; it was solely based on God’s presence in a location.

My prayer for you is that God’s presence would be manifested in your life so that every area is blessed in abundance. Once you have experienced His presence, you’ll not be satisfied with anything less. When you read about Obed-Edom’s life, you’ll discover he was appointed one of the singers in David’s Tabernacle, refusing the leave God’s presence; rather than settling for something less.