1 Chron. 14 Keys to Winning Battles

There is a repetition of the chronology of events of David’s early reign; specifically of “Hiram king of Tyre” had sent laborers to assist in building David a house. David’s initial two battles with the Philistines who “went up to search” for him upon hearing of his anointing that has an interesting the phrase referring to the Philistines when the “went up to search” refers to burning out the newly crowned king. What makes it interesting to me is that when the Philistines were defeated by David in the first battle at Baal Perazim, David had their idols burned. In many generations since the time of David, there have been those who attempted to literally burn out the Jewish people. Yet there has consistently been a divine intervention.

The difference between these two battles, beyond that David was victorious in both; was the strategies employed.

Both were determined by the prayer and intercession of David. In the first, God broke through, like a dam being overwhelmed by the amount of water and pressure on the opposite side of the downfall. In the second, God directed David to wait for “a sound” that resulted in him driving back “the army of the Philistines”. Another key element to victory for the each of these battles is that David had to have “an ear to hear”.

For us to function effectually in a counter-culture for the kingdom of God is to be people of prayer. For those who under value prayer, do a grave mistake. Paul admonished young Timothy to offer “supplications, prayers, intercessions and giving of thanks FOR ALL PEOPLE” (emphasis mine). Prayer is perhaps the premier expression of humility for man and an expression of honor to the Lord.

It isn’t just an expression of honor to the Lord when we pray; we set divine and angelic involvement into motion. Why would we not pray? Prayer is one of the highest demonstrations of faith; and we know that faith is what pleases the Lord.

Another function we must be effectual in is that of being able to “hear” the Lord in response to our intercessions. After having heard, we then need to go to work doing what we heard from the Lord. Is the Lord obligated to answer a prayer He knows we won’t walk out? I’m not certain He’s “obligated”; yet scripture illustrates that He does answer prayer that people don’t follow through on.

“Lord, give me a heart to commune and share my heart with You. Train my ears to “hear” what You are saying and the empowerment to do what You’ve said to do.”