1 Chron. 15 The Right Way

We don’t have the review of David’s hearing that Obed-Edom’s house was prospering; however we do have a bit more insight to the king’s discovery that on the earlier attempt to relocate the ark back to Jerusalem, it wasn’t done properly. You recall the ark was placed on a “new cart” and not on the shoulders of the priesthood, according to the Law.

Upon hearing of the proper manner in which it should have been done; David “gathered all Israel together at Jerusalem” with the express purpose of bringing the ark there. For this relocation, several hundred priests and other dignitaries were summoned to participate. Among those who came were Zadok and Abithar from the Aaronic priesthood, heads of the “fathers’ houses of the Levites and among some of those were Obed-Edom.
Obed-Edom left all that was dear to him to follow What had become dearest to him, the Presence of the Lord. He reminds me of the man in a story Jesus told about a man who sold everything so that he could purchase a pearl. For those who view such behavior as being over the top, it is likely they have never encountered the Presence of the Lord in such an impactful way.

Verses 16 and the following, we see almost every kind of instrument was used to accompany the singers in the procession in bringing the ark to Jerusalem. Again we find Obed-Edom listed as a “gatekeeper” and a “doorkeeper for the ark”. This man was so passionate; he was content to open the door for the Presence of God when trumpets were blown to announce the entrance of the ark.

During this procession, David was dressed in a “linen ephod”; dancing and worshipping with all his heart as the ark made its way to Jerusalem. Michal, the daughter of Saul who had been given in marriage by Saul to David; saw David “whirling and playing music; and she despised him in her heart.”

Any woman, who is reading this, undoubtedly shakes her head at Michal’s response; as there may be several who wished their spouse would be passionate for the things of God as David. The Lord is working on your behalf to bring about your desire, He’s working on your husband’s heart at this very moment to be “a man after” His heart. Guard your heart when that happens and don’t become jealous of your spouse’s devotion and adoration for the Lord to drop a seed in your heart that can bring the fruit of despising him. Be thankful and grateful the Lord has given you such a man.

As we close this chapter, there is a RIGHT way to transport the Presence of the Lord. Paul admonished Timothy to “study to show yourself approved”. Before moving forward, check the Word to see what the “right way” is. Then “just do it.”