1 Chron. 20 You Are A Champion

In this brief chapter there is a significant amount of time covered; which also leaves out a number of accounts concerning David and his children, specifically the Bathsheba incident, Ammon’s incestuous rape of Tamar, and Absalom’s rebellion.

There is a review of David having taken the crown from the king of Rabbah. Until this occasion, a crown hadn’t been worn as a mark of being a king. There isn’t anything inherently wrong with a crown; however in light of all that happened there is at the very least a coincidence with David’s transgression with Bathsheba and the crown that carries an idea of pride.

In closing out this chapter the author reminds us of David’s nephew, Jonathan, slaying a relative of Goliath when Gath rose up against Israel again.

As a result of our relationship to THE KING, Jesus, we too have the capacity to slay giants that would come against us or our families. Why? Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world!

You are a champion!