1 Chron. 22 Heed Godly Counsel

David determined that the threshing floor of Ornan was the site for Solomon’s Temple to be constructed. He had prepared the way for Solomon to construct the Temple; not only with material, but also with laborers.

King David explained to Solomon the Lord didn’t permit him to construct a house, in part, due to the amount of “blood” that he was responsible for. He then let the young man know the amounts of gold and silver acquired. Over $633 million in gold and over $48 billion in silver; as well as bronze and iron that couldn’t be counted.

It’s too bad that Solomon didn’t heed the counsel David gave him we find in verses 17 – 19. Had he listened and obeyed, he would have been perhaps the greatest leader Israel ever had. Yet, marriage to foreign women, multiplying the number of horses and other violations of the Law; left him spiritually destitute, dying as an idolater and not a follower of God.

It has been said, “Partial obedience, is disobedience!” Let us be among those who obey the entire counsel of the Lord and not just “partial” obedience.