1 Chron. 24 Guard Against Jealousy

Levi’s genealogy is given, specifically those of Eleazar and Ithamar; for some reason the sons of Gershon weren’t listed. Recall that Nadab and Abihu died before the Lord by offering “strange fire”? Their responsibilities were listed and divided by lot to prevent any jealousy within the ministry. The priests are listed first (vss. 7 – 18), with the Levites being listed second (vss. 20 – 29).

One wouldn’t think it would occur in the Body of Christ; yet it does, too frequently – jealousy. Whether within the congregation or the ministry, it seems to pop its head up whenever it isn’t guarded against. Why would people become jealous ranges from envy to lack of respect. Often it is a result of thinking one can do the job better, that they are more deserving or they have been around longer.

Jesus dealt with jealousy among His disciples and spoke a story about hiring workers at various times during the day; all of which received the same wage, prompting jealousy by those who came to work first. The disciples became jealous when they overheard the mother of James and John asked for her sons to sit at His right and left hand when He established the Kingdom.

One of the great casualties of jealousy is division and a breakdown of agreement, unity and/or oneness in the Body.

Guard against it and repent and renounce as soon as you detect it rising up.