1 Chron. 3 Whose Your Daddy?

We read of the children born to David and to Solomon; with those from David born in Hebron, where he reigned for seven years and those born in Jerusalem, where he reigned for thirty-three years. An interesting insight to David’s second son mentioned, Daniel, whose name Chileab means, “he who is like his father”. Daniel means “God is my judge”; when you combine the names it is said to carry the idea that “God is my judge, I have not fathered another man’s child; this is entirely like unto myself.”

The Targum says this child looked like David in every manner, as some thought he might have been Nabal’s son. What is true in the physical for David and Daniel/Chileab is true for us in the realm of the spirit; we look like our Father.

For Christians we will look like our heavenly Father and have the characteristics that will let all who see us know Who our Father is.

Not only do we “look” like our Father, but it’s because of the spiritual DNA we carry. We are heirs of the Kingdom, we have authority over the works of darkness and the prince of darkness. We are not our own, we’ve been bought with price, the precious blood of Jesus Christ on Calvary.

Remember Who your Daddy is!