1 Chron. 8 Counter Culture Living

Here we read of the genealogy of Benjamin written by Ezra from multiple sources. We find that the “sons of Elpaal” were able to drive out the “inhabitants of Gath” which the sons of Ephraim were unable to displace.

We discover “the sons of Ulam were mighty men of valor – archers.” The Targum reveals these men had strong lust urges, which they brought under control by having a large number of children and becoming men of “valor”; rather than becoming men who succumbed to their basic humanist instincts. They could have allowed the culture of the day to dictate to them to give into immorality; but they didn’t, choosing to stay true to their spouses.

Today our culture is similar as in Ulam’s day. Will those of us who are followers of Christ, how will we respond to the cultural pressures? Do we choose to remain true and steadfast to our spouses?

We can be resolute and remain steadfast, provided we follow the Lord with all our heart.