1 Kings 10 The Half Hasn’t Been Told

Solomon’s notoriety spread, “the queen of Sheba” visited him to see if what she had heard was anywhere close. Her testimony was “the half was not told me.” It is interesting that her testimony came AFTER, having heard all that he shared, answered all her questions, saw his house, his food, servants, waiters and their clothing, those tasted his food before he was served, “his entryway by which he went up to the house of the Lord, there no more spirit in her.”
Reading this portion of scripture, my heart was stirred in thinking what the Lord has provided for us as the saints of God. Reading what heaven will look like, receiving insight and revelation of what the Word declares, understanding His provision, the righteousness He imputes to me by faith making me presentable to Him and the means by which He gives me entrance into His presence.

Those who have accepted the Lord can echo with the queen, “the half was not told” us! Until we come to faith in Christ, we simply cannot understand all that He has for us. When we receive eternal life through faith, there is no challenge in giving extravagantly; but when others attempt to influence us to be “more reasonable”, we don’t give Him what is in our heart to do.

Note, it says “Solomon gave the queen of Sheba all she desired.” God will give us everything and anything we have need of fulfill the destiny He’s put in our hearts.

The balance of the chapter speaks about the amount of stuff Solomon had and was given; all because he went after the Lord and wanted to be a good leader for Israel.

When you go after the Lord, know that the half hasn’t been told you; yet He is willing to reveal and share with you beyond what you can imagine.