1 Kings 11 He Keeps Covenant

Reading this chapter, a number of emotions surface that range from anger to deep sorrow; as the account of Solomon’s rapid decline unfolds before us. Having a thousand wives, which were political in motivation and nature, along with the three hundred concubines. There are some who say that the “wisest man” couldn’t have been physically involved with that many women; yet we read they turned his heart after their gods, his heart was not loyal to the Lord, that he went after the other gods of those wives and concubines and that he “clung to these in love.”

Solomon went so far as to erect a “high place for Chemosh the abomination of Moab” on the Mt. of Olives and opposite of it one for Molech “the abomination of the people of Ammon”. The result was the Lord was angry with Solomon!

The anger of the Lord was stirred directly because Solomon had known and communed with the Lord; on two occasions there was interaction in a dream with the Lord by Solomon. All the blessings he enjoyed, the notoriety and prosperity he lived in that had come from the Lord, didn’t keep his heart focused on the things of the Lord. Solomon knew better, but didn’t act accordingly.

In response, the Lord raised up three adversaries that sought to overthrow and destroy him. Hadad, Rezon and Jeroboam became adversaries against Solomon; all in fulfillment of what the Lord had said would happen if he didn’t walk in covenant with Him.

There would be one tribe left, Judah, through which the Messiah would come; keeping the covenant promise made to David. It’s amazing that the Royal Divine line through which Messiah would come wasn’t destroyed through all the judgments and battles brought against Judah. Yet we know that God not only can, but will keep covenant; He’ll keep His promises, not just with Judah and Israel but to you and I as well.

When Solomon died, his son Rehoboam came to rule and assumed responsibility for the tax levy imposed by his father to pay for many of the opulent things that had brought Solomon so many visitors from foreign nations. What was to be a testimony to the goodness of the Lord ended up being a source of detriment and destruction.

There are a number of you reading this that need to be reminded that the Lord does keep His Word.

What has He promised to you? He is faithful to keep that “word” and fulfill it to your benefit and His glory. Hold on to it, determine to trust Him and His word in spite of circumstances; it may be for healing, finances, restoration, direction or for a relative to return to the Lord. STAND ON HIS WORD.

He is not a man that He should lie. He will keep His promises! He keeps covenant!