1 Kings 13 Listen to the Ancient Foundations

When Jeroboam heard of Solomon’s death he joined with Israel to make a request to override the edicts by his father of slavery and heavy taxation. Solomon essentially had returned to the status they had while in Egypt; being in bondage.

The elders totally comprehended what ought to take place of; being a servant vs. being a task master; ministry to them, answer them and declare blessings on them. Every Pastor/Leader needs to pray into specifics as how to to give expression of being a servant to those they lead.

Their request was denied; along with coarse language against the “elders” stating it would only get worse. Jeroboam and the leaders retuned home until a plan of action could be.

Rather heeding the counsel of the “elders” Rehomoam listened to the counsel of young men that he grew up with. That edict prompted the exodus by Israel to cede from the nation. It is generally understood that Rehoboam was the only son of Solomon, while even though he was the son of the wisest man, Rehoboam make a several bone headed decisions on Judah and Israel.

Something we read a number of times in this portion of scripture deals “the turn of events was from the Lord” to fulfill a prophecy given to Saul, David and now Solomon.

When Israel left, with ten tribes; Judah became the only tribe Solomon ruled. When he attempt to go to war and Israel, the Lord stopped him through a prophet of God Ahijah.

When all the tribes of Israel, they asked Jeroboam to become their king. It appeared by some of the decisions he made the was a bright future for Israel; yet they we strategies to win the hearts of the people and permt them to “think” all was well. Building false alters, setting up golden calves; these are but a few of them.