1 Kings 15 First Response, Not Our Last Resort

Abijam’s reign as was short lived due to his NOT following in the ways of David. He lived in the ways of his father Rehoboam and only took the culture of Judah to increased levels of evil; such as, walking in the sins of Rehoboam, no loyalty toward the Lord and an unfaithful heart. Based on the covenant that had been established with David; rather than allowing them to be annihilated, as what happened with the household of Jeroboam.

After his death, Asa his son became king of Judah; unlike his father and grandfather; he reigned a righteous reign and did so for forty one years. Indicators of his righteous reign, we see he banished perverted people, removed idols and finally took Maachah, his grandmother, from being queen mother. Not only was she evil; but also she had made “an obscene image of Asherah.” Asa not only tore it down, but also burned it.

On the basis of a vow to his father, Asa returned things of silver, gold and utensils. The material to be placed back in the House of the Lord; either was the result of the Egyptians not having taken it all or the material being aquired during his father’s reign.

Throughout the existence of both kingdoms, there was constant harassment; not full-fledged wars as we might think.
Asa paid a fee to Ben-Hadad, king of Syria, he left Judah alone and began to attack cities in Israel; hoping Israel would be destroyed. When Baasha heard what was happening; Asa sent out the entire population of men to plunder the cities under attack and used the material to build cities in Judah.

As these events were taking place, Nadab, had become king of Israel; however his evil was so deplorable that he was assinated by Bassha after only three years into his reign.

It is interesting that Asa consulted with physicians, rather than seeking God. The disease in his feet was likely something similar to gout.

Why this happened is unknown; however we need to guard and continue to stand in faith. The concern, for me, wasn’t that he had consulted with physicians; rather than he left God out of the equation. We need to be sure God is our first response, not our last resort!