1 Kings 20 The Unlimited God

Things can turn quickly when God is involved in the affairs of men, as we see in this chapter. The Syrian king, Ben-Hadad made haughty declarations against Israel and the God of Israel. Ben-Hadad laid claim to everything that he desired or his men desired. When a second declaration was made the phrase “whatever is pleasant” to Ahab would be taken as well is interesting. What could be more “pleasant” than what had already been claimed? A third taunt by Ben-Hadad, was made concerning his “servants” that would take whatever they wanted to.

When Ahab sought counsel from the “elders of the land”, they encouraged him to “not listen or consent” to the demands. Ahab’s response was he simply couldn’t comply with this demand; further infuriating Ben-Hadad. Another bold taunt was responded with “Let not the one who puts on his armor boast like the one takes it off.” This message was delivered as Ben-Hadad and the the thirty-two kings (chieftains) were getting drunk, with an early celebration of victory.

God sent a prophet to Ahab with the word of the Lord that he would be delivered along with all of Israel from the hands of Ben-Hadad’s men.

After one hundred thousand and another twenty-seven thousand killed by the collapse of a wall, things turned quickly. Ben-Hadad appealed for mercy, which was granted him by Ahab.

This man should have been executed by Ahab, yet was given clemency; which the Lord wasn’t pleased with. Ben-Hadad’s men felt they could defeat Israel in the plains because God was limited to the mountains or hills. This proved to be faulty reasoning, which was soon to be realized.

A prophet reveals Ahab’s faulty thinking that ultimately led to his being killed, along with Jezebel.
Whatever the situation you may be facing now, can turn quickly. The enemy may be saying God can work in other places or for other people, but not for you or where you are. That my friend is a blatant lie. God can and will work for you and wherever you need Him. Simply trust Him to do what He’s promised and you’ll find God is able.