1 Kings 4 Largeness of Heart

Solomon’s court including military, government and political personnel are listed in the opening verses. There is little doubt, too often as today, that appointing individuals was basically those who been supportive of David and early portion of Solomon’s reign.

In reading this account, it is clear God reclaims for Israel the land of promise given originally to Abraham. God is not a man that He should lie! Solomon’s reign was characterized prosperity, peace and protection that eliminated fear.

We also see that twelve govenors were given responsibility to provide and prepare the food for Solomon all those who worked at the palace. Many scholars put that number in the 50, 000 category. Their tasks, even though being positioned to be a part of Solomon’s court, their tasks was very overwhelming.

There is debate as to whether the number of horses in this chapter is accurate as Chronicles cites a considerably lower number. Ignoring the number, the point was Solomon violated the Law in keeping the horses from enemies that were defeated by Israel. The accumulation of the horses and politically expedient marriages along with others led to the demise of Solomon’s reign and standing before the Lord.

Royalty, diplomats a host of others came to see this man who had more wisdom than anyone then and even up to now.

The Lord gave Solomon wisdom, understanding and “largeness of heart”.
Friend if there has ever been a time when we need the saints to large hearts for God and people; it’s today. Having a large heart isn’t mere toleration, more than being soothed by thinking warm fuzzes; largeness of heart speaks a desire for increase in our capacity to love and obey the Lord, as well as having compassion to become involved in people’s lives unveiling God’s heart for them. Forgiveness, answered prayer, restoration, reconciliation and reclamation are all discovered in the heart of the Father.

How big is you heart? Are you willing to permit the Lord to take you beyond where you are to where He desires? When you have a large heart; not just for those who look like you; but also for those who don’t.
Thank God He is stretching us to demonstrate the “real Jesus” to the world.