1 Kings 8 Breaking Spiritual Famine & Draught

Solomon dedicated the Temple one year after its completion, due to the fact the year it was completed was a jubilee; not wanting to appear to be more important than the 50 year celebration, a one year delay occurred.

There are those who have differing opinions as to where the “ark of the covenant” was located at this particular time. David had constructed a tabernacle in Zion and there was one in Gibeon. A number of scholars believe the ark was in Gibeon and that the tabernacle was relocated to Jerusalem and David’s tabernacle was destroyed. If that is in fact what occurred, it brings clarity as to what Acts records as the “restoration of David’s tabernacle” taking place in the latter days before the day of the Lord.

Recall that David functioned as a priest on one occasion during his reign? Here we see that Solomon did likewise. After offering a prayer of dedication, he arose and blessed the people.

Throughout the prayer of Solomon we read “toward this place” or something similar. In viewing this, consider that it very well is not the land Israel, nor Jerusalem Solomon is referring to; rather toward wherever God is, whose presence was represented by the tabernacle and the temple. Most have heard excellent teaching on Christ in the tabernacle and/or the temple.

Note the occasions in which Israel was admonished to prayer. The assurance of answered prayer was founded on God who would “keep covenant and mercy” with those who would walk uprightly.

The first prompt for prayer was on the basis of a false oath or an oath the one swearing wasn’t absolutely certain about.

Second, when Israel as a nation transgressed the Lord and the result was bondage; they could pray and expect deliverance.

Third, draught on the land, as a result of corporate sin.

Fourth, famine in the land that is normally connected in some mannyer to pestilence, blight, mildew, locusts, grasshoppers or being placed under siege by an enemy.

Each of these a consequence of some corporate violation was put in place as a “means of escape”. Recall Paul reminded the Church of Corinth that with every temptation God has made a “way of escape”? That first way is through prayers of repentance.

After having offered the prayer and declaring the blessing, quite likely the Aaronic blessing, Solomon arose and the nation rejoiced. As long as Solomon sought the Lord not only did he prosper, but the nation as well.

In reviewing the prompts for prayer; they parallel our nation and the western Church at large. There are spiritual draughts and famines that only can be broken when God is factored into the equation. A famine and draught of truth, the word, commitment and consecration; to name just a few are rampant throughout the land.

Let us pray that there will be a nation-wide move of authentic repentance and genuine returning to serve the One and Only True God, His Son and the Holy Spirit.