1Chron. 2 Know For?

Much of the history for those we have listed in this second chapter of Chronicles is found in the Targum; which is a compilation of explanations of what was in the Hebrew. It was and is still used in some circles to give further insight and explanation to the text. Some of these can be clarified by reviewing past books.

The sons of Zerah (vs. 6) were said to have had the “spirit of prophecy” upon them as did the sons of Rechab. It is said in the Targum that in hymns they lifted their voices like trumpets, in prayer they lifted their faces and that they were overshadowed by the spirit of prophecy too.

God not only knows us by name, but He also knows what we do in devotion and labor for Him. Each of the names listed here were known for what they did; either good or bad. What will we be known for?

In our current culture, there is a dire need for people upon whom the prophetic rests and overshadows, as well as people of worship and prayer. May we be among those who are known by the Father for being such a man or woman.