2 Chron. 16 Hearts of Loyalty

One of the most often quoted portions of scripture is found in this chapter, which we’ll see soon.

As to the “why” Asa sought an alliance with Syria and Ben-Hadad isn’t made clear here. We do know that this alliance was displeasing to the Lord, as we read in verse eight. What all had been intended in the mind of the Lord for Asa and Israel is also unknown; however we do know the Lord had intended empower Israel to be the victors and not the victims. It’s also interesting that Asa used funds taken from the house of the Lord for a portion of the payment to Ben-Hadad; which likely contributed to the Lord’s displeasure.

In a brief review, the Lord reminded Asa of how He had empowered them to defeat Ethiopia and Libya; could He not also empower them to defeat and whoever else the Lord would have Israel to encounter. It is in this setting we read the verse that is often quoted, verse nine “For the eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to show Himself strong on behalf of those whose heart is loyal to Him.”

Should you desire the Lord find or discover you; one certain way in which He’ll coming looking for you is in response to our hearts being loyal to Him. When we’re fully committed to the Lord, He will do whatever is necessary to give us whatever we need for victory. Because Asa’s eyes were not set on the Lord, he responded with natural resources rather than supernatural resources.

Asa became angry with the “messenger”, Hanani. He couldn’t demonstrate anger toward the Lord, so he redirected his anger to the people. Even though we don’t have any “hard” evidence to make this statement, often times physical maladies are directly related to emotional health; specifically bitterness. Could it be that Asa’s battle with the gout was a consequence of Asa’s bitterness?

Saint of God, be cautious and guard yourself from giving place to a seed of bitterness. When we stay free of bitterness we assure ourselves a door will be closed to the potential health issues and spiritual loss. Heart’s that are loyal to the Lord is a certain hindrance to any physical challenge resulting from an emotional issue.