2 Chron. 23 Gatekeepers Are Restorers

This brief review that has a counterpart in 2 Kings 11 we have insights to Joash’s coronation as king of Judah, which Athaliah had been ruling. She was incensed by his rise to rule and the manner in which he had been hidden. When the people saw that Joash was alive and indeed reigning, they rejoiced and were glad. Jehoiada had given strict orders on how to protect the young king and how to deal with Athaliah. She was killed outside the courtyard area of the temple.

There are ancient writings that declared when Joash was able to hold or bear the crown David had taken when he defeated the Ammonites, Jehoiada and people knew he was to be king. Had he not been able to hold his head up, they would have rejected his leadership and reign; according these manuscripts.

The final verses of this chapter provide additional insight to the functions of a “gatekeeper”. They were responsible to guard against anyone who might be “in any way unclean” entering the temple or house of the Lord. It is true that Gentiles were considered “unclean”; however it seems that this is directed toward Jewish believers that had recanted their faith in the Lord.

For present day application, those of us who see someone who has walked with the Lord and turned their back on them, we have a responsibility to restore them to the faith; while at the same time exercise discipline, that would include not being able to enter the church.

Thank God for those who will lovingly confront us when we’ve gone off track, so that we might be restored to fellowship with the Lord and other believers.