2 Chron. 25 Worship in Spirit and Truth

In this rendering of Amaziah, the battle with Syria and then with Israel; we observe a couple of insights that would do us well to pay attention to.

We read in the second verse that he started right but didn’t do so with a fully committed heart toward the Lord. A loyal heart, among other things, means to have a pure motive; which deals with the “why” we do what we do. Evidence of Amaziah’s loyalty is evidenced when he set up idols that had been “the gods” of a people they defeated. It simply doesn’t make sense that this leader, that God had given a victory to, would replace Him with idols.

The thousand men hired from Israel and Ephraim, even though paid, sought revenge against Amaziah. These warriors killed three thousand people during the time the battling was raging against Syria.

Another amazing observation concerning the king of Judah with regards to converting to idolatry from faith in Yahweh is seen when “the man of God” gave the king a word of promise that God was able to give him much more than a mere one hundred talents paid to the mercenaries.

We also see that Amaziah “strengthened himself” by leading his people into war. Leaders, who lead into battles, will most certainly establish themselves as opposed to those who resist making tough decisions that seem like a war. Any leader who has been in ministry very long will have a story that will illustrate this truth. The key is being led by the Spirit of God instead the wisdom of man.

Leaders lead, even when situations are challenging.

Amaziah’s returning with the idols of the Edomites provoked the Lord to anger and the prophet’s word of judgment against him. It’s interesting the loss to Israel ultimately led to Amaziah’s murder.

Recall that David had left the ark of the covenant at Obed-Edom’s house, that eventually led to his family receiving more responsibilities with articles for the house of the Lord; initially with the tabernacle and then with temple. Israel took all the gold, silver and articles that had been dedicated to the house of the Lord.
Worship, those who worship in spirit and truth, will discover the Lord will increase their spheres of influence and responsibilities as well. As you read the history of this family, it is clear their motive wasn’t for acquisition; but for genuine and sincere worship.

Worship in spirit and truth; see the Lord position you for greater responsibilities in the Kingdom.