2 Chron. 27 The Blessing of Righteous Leadership

Unlike his father, Jotham did not attempt to exercise his jurisdiction in areas that were not available to any but the priests. This account and the one in 2 Kings 15 is about all we have in terms of a record of Jotham, as all that was written in Bible is what is left of the information on this king. He was the last king to lead Judah in a time of prosperity; which was a direct result of doing what was “right in the sight of the Lord”.

Even though he had led Judah in victories over the Ammonites, built defenses for those living in the forests and agricultural areas; Judah “acted corruptly.” Jotham’s reign was only for sixteen years, yet he followed after the Lord from the beginning of his reign till the end. Ahaz, Jotham’s son, reigned after him.

When we lead with a heart to be pleasing in the sight of the Lord rather than man; we insure that there will be blessing, not only on us, but those we lead as well.