2 Chron. 3 You’re A Royal Priest

Reading the dimensions of temple, keep in mind that a cubit is a little longer than one and a half feet. Solomon commenced construction in the fourth year of his reign, as his rule had been established. The length of the temple was just over ninety feet long and just over thirty feet wide. Everything in the temple was overlaid with gold and there was a great deal of engraving of cherubim and palm trees was well.

Many of us have seen what we assumed were replicas of the ark in the temple; however when we read the size of the ark and in particular the cherubim’s wings, which were nearly eight feet long – it’s clear they are best miniature replicas.

The final verse of this chapter speaks of the names given to the pillars, Jachin and Boaz. Jachin speaks of the kingdom of David being established and Boaz refers to the patriarch of the tribe of Judah, from which all the kings of Judah came.

When we are grafted into Christ through faith; we not only are of the lineage of Abraham, but we’re of the lineage of David and Judah.

You have become a “royal priesthood” to the Lord (1 Peter 2:9).