2 Chron. 31 Essential Leadership Qualities

We observe that as a result of the sixteen days of keeping the Feast of Pentecost, congregational members “broke the sacred pillars in pieces, cut down the wooden images, and threw down the high places and the altars” beyond the borders of Judah; in Benjamin, Ephraim and Manasseh. This appears to have been a band of people with the blessing of Hezekiah and the permission of Hoshea (king of Israel).

Hezekiah’s next step was to reinstitute priesthood and Levites to performing their service, giving thanks and praise in the gates of the camp of the Lord. The king also provided the morning and evening offerings from his personal resources.

To see the revival continue, Hezekiah informed the people to reinstate the giving of tithes and offerings; to which they responded in abundance and with willing hearts. After three months of giving, a surplus was beginning with all of them being stored in heaps. The king requested that the storerooms be prepared (cleansed) to put the surplus in. These rooms were overseen by men that had been appointed to the task; as well as distribute them to large families of priests and Levites as well as the small ones.

Note the testimony of Hezekiah did was “good and right and true before the Lord his God.” Three qualities essential for any leader. First to be good; i.e. to be morally upright. Second, to be right; i.e. to be straight as an arrow. When we’re “straight”, we’ll hit the mark for the King and His Kingdom. Third to be true; i.e. to have integrity with God and men.

Everything he initiated for God’s house; the service, the law/commandment or seeking God; he did it with all of his heart. Setting our hearts to be fully committed will result in prosperity as happened for Hezekiah.