2 Chron. 36 Ro Remedy?

This final chapter is a condensed version of what is recorded in 2 Kings 23 – 25. The last several verses jump seventy years of captivity of Judah, concluding with the record that the Lord had placed in the heart king to build or rebuild the temple in Jerusalem. There is a similar rendering in the introduction of the book of Ezra.

Throughout this chapter we see that there is an escalation of evil in Judah, which prompted the Lord to send prophetic voices to admonish, warn and encourage the people of God to return to Him. Being obstinate, they rejected those words and the prophets who delivered them.

In the day which we live, how will we receive the prophetic word of the Lord? Will we reject as did Judah and Israel; thereby inflicting upon ourselves even greater judgment?

There’s a solemn warning that “until the wrath of the Lord arose against His people, till there was no remedy.” My prayer for our nation is that we not get to the point that “there was no remedy.”

Let us be among those who will turn to the Lord, heed the word of the Lord and those who bring it and thereby prosper; spirit, soul and body.