2 Chron. 4 You Are The Light of the World

Continuing on with the construction and how incredible it was is found in this chapter. Everything was covered primarily in gold, some in silver and the balance was made of bronze; which is what we read in the bulk of this chapter.

We see that in some cases articles included in the temple were borrowed from the creating of the robe which the High Priest wore into the “inner court” and Holy of Holies; specifically the fruit that was attached to the hem of the robe.

Also, the opulence of which the entire temple was constructed and overlaid with gold, silver and precious stones.

It is easy to over spiritualize the symbolic meaning of every article constructed concerning the temple. There are a number graphic illustrations that pre-figure the Messiah or Jesus Christ. One of the characteristics that illustrate this point are the ten lamps, lampstand and tables on which they were place in the “inner sanctuary”.

Jesus said He was the “light”; but He also said we were the “light of the world”. As that “light”, we bring revelation or understanding of the character of Jesus. I would encourage you to do research on light and discover what you are from the natural light.