2 Chron. 6 God’s Resting Place

1 Kings 8 is a record of Solomon’s prayer and the seven requests he makes on behalf of Israel and anyone who turned their heart toward the Lord. Keep in mind that Solomon’s prayer is in response to the glory of the Lord filling the house of the Lord (the tabernacle); which is similar to what Moses encountered when he desired to enter the tent of meeting found in Exodus 40. He assumed that because of the manifestation of the Lord’s presence on this occasion, He (the Lord) would be resident there. That is why the prayer contains a number of requests that dealt with praying “toward” this place.

God doesn’t live any one locale; rather He lives within those who have accepted Jesus as their Lord and Messiah. No, we aren’t praying to ourselves, we’re praying to the Lord and to Him alone.

It’s interesting that the phrase “covenant and mercy” are often connected throughout scripture. The Lord’s mercies that are “new every morning” bring expression to His covenant that has been established.

Requests that Solomon specifically addressed in the prayer are: 1) sin against a neighbor, 2) corporate sin that resulted in being taken captive, which if offered would result in restoration to the land, 3) drought as a form of judgment on corporate sin, 4) famine as a judgment, 5) a non-Jewish person’s prayer, 6) protection in battle and 7) bondage as a result of corporate/national transgression.

Even though these are recorded in the Old Testament, it is my belief we too can pray and obtain similar results as when individuals and the nation of Israel offered, we can experience deliverance, protection, restoration and forgiveness.

Read verse 42, the first portion that deals with “Your Anointed”; that speaks prophetically of Jesus the Messiah. There are Jewish scholars who view this as speaking of Israel; that they are the “anointed” ones who are recipients of His “mercies” that David was a benefactor of.

The “resting place” ideally would be in the hearts of the Lord’s people then and now. You and I are that resting place! Invite Him to rest IN you!