2 Chron. 8 Follow the Word of the Lord

1 Kings 9 contains the first record of these accounts given here. One of the differences which is of little consequence deals with the time it took to build Solomon’s house; here it records it took twelve and a half years to build, the former says thirteen years.

Slave labor was raised from those “who were not of Israel”, with those who were “children of Israel” were warriors and leaders of the army and cavalry.

In reading verse eleven, we come to understand that Pharaoh’s daughter wasn’t a believer in Jehovah, as Solomon built her a house outside of Jerusalem; which kept defilement from David’s house. This marriage was undoubtedly political in nature and Solomon still had a certain level of faith in God.

Solomon kept the three major feasts; Unleavened Bread, Weeks and Tabernacles. Note “They did not depart from the command of the king”. Solomon and Israel would have been better served had they not departed from the command of the Lord, even though David was a godly leader.

When confronted with a choice, let us be among those who will not depart from the word of the Lord.