2 Chron. 9 The Awesomeness of God

Solomon’s notoriety spread across most of the then known world with visits from royalty to sit at the feet of the wisest man. Among those who came was the queen of Sheba; which 1 Kings 10 records as well. She tested Solomon with hard questions that “Solomon answered all”. What seemed to impress her besides the wealth were his wisdom, his personal home, food, how his servants dressed and acted. The way he entered into the “house of the Lord” so took her, she had “no more spirit in her.”

Her testimony was everything she’d heard was true; yet “the half of the greatness . . . . not told me.”

The queen of Sheba represents every individual that comes to Christ, but also she represents the Church.

My friend that is the benefit of bringing someone into the presence of the Lord. There are many incredible things that could be said; but the half cannot be told. The only way for people to benefit from the Lord’s greatness is to experience it for themselves.

In response to his greatness, the queen gave much to him “in great abundance”. However it is recorded that Solomon gave her “much more than she had brought to the king.” That’s true for us as well! We bring the Lord our blessings, that are meager in quantity to what He has for us, and He gives us MUCH MORE.

In the final verses we read of what Solomon created and acquired. There are accounts of what Solomon made concerning the throne that defy description. There were a total of seven steps ascending to the throne, the seventh being the level on which the throne sat. There are accounts of what happened and was created on each of the six steps; which would boggle the natural mind.

The books of Nathan, Ahijah and Iddo were lost and no manuscripts remain from these books of antiquity.

Bring people to the Lord and share with them His goodness. They as the Queen of Sheba will discover His awesomeness for themselves and give praise to the Lord God.