2 Kings 10 Known By ??????

This chapter gives the record of the total and complete demise of Ahab’s house, the agent by which it would be accomplished, Jehu who had conspired against King Joram of Israel. We see Jehu used intimidation, blatant threats, deception, manipulation and fear that coerced the leaders, would be rivals and the general population in yielding allegiance to him as king. Those who employ such tactics are unfit to be righteous leaders.
Leaders today that act similar to Jehu are detected by their speech, administration and communication with those they desire to lead. They often use the Bible as a means of beating people up rather than lifting people up with encouragement, admonition and correction.

Jehu did fulfill the word of the Lord as delivered through Elijah, concerning the destruction of the entire house of Ahab; yet it is at the very least questionable as to the manner in which he did it. Jehu manipulated Jehonadab into being a co-worker in his acts barbarism toward the house of Ahab.

In a deceptive plan to rid the nation of Baal worshippers a plan was devised to bring all of them into the temple of Baal. Jehu’s plan wasn’t so that Israel would worship the Lord God; rather to worship the golden calves and idols at Bethel and Dan. When Jehu called for sacrifices to Baal, he participated and lead in that portion of idol worship.

Some will say he did it to confirm that he too was a worshipper of Baal as were the priests of Baal. However there is no Biblical record of God giving permission for any kind of idol worship under any conditions.

Beyond that which we have in this brief overview of Jehu’s life and reign, there is little known. What a sad thing to be known only by that which is dastardly and evil. Jehu “took no heed to walk in the law of the Lord God of Israel”. We see that God began to divide Israel; partly in response to Jehu’s reign, as well as a consummation of the transgressions of Israel over the time since David reigned.

May we be known as those who “loved and loved people”, like Jesus; not as Jehu.