2 Kings 13 Fully Committed to Liberation

The chronology of Israel and Judah’s royalty along with the tenures of respective offices commences this chapter. Take note of those of which it was said “he did evil in the sight of the Lord”. Some continued escalating the evil lifestyle and leadership; propelling people into the greater spiritual depravity. Both nations would have continued down the slippery slope of evil had it not been for the intercession of king Jehoahaz on behalf of Israel. Even though people who aren’t totally committed to the Lord, when they pray, God hears their prayers.

In this situation the Lord had mercy and empowered Israel to not only battle, but win. They were able to reclaim territory that had been lost in previous battles.

There are those reading this that have had the enemy enslaved to circumstances and situations that seem and appear to have no way out. The Lord will hear your prayers too. Condemnation, guilt and hopelessness will try perpetuating the bondage; yet prayer will be heard by the Lord. The most important prayer anyone can offer is that prayer of repentance. Be assured that the Lord will forgive and you’ll be welcomed into the family of God.

Near the end of his life, Elisha called for Joash to come and receive the prophetic word that came through prophetic actions by Joash. Knowing Elisha is near death, Joash obeys the word of the Lord through the prophet; primarily in honor of his life. The king stopped short of being fully committed to the process, symbolized through the striking of the ground.

May I encourage you to be fully committed to being delivered from the works of darkness for yourself as well as those in your family. Generational curses require us to be as strong and determined to realize liberty; however being nonchalant about the bondage and process of liberation will not liberate. It will take total commitment to the process. Take charge of your situation through the empowerment of the Holy Spirit, the living Word of God and His promises to you.

And then celebrate!