2 Kings 15 The Power of Influence

Chapter fifteen provides a listing the kings of Judah and Israel; which most of those kings it was said they didn’t depart from following after the idols that previous generation venerated and erected. Azariah was only sixteen years of age when he crowned the king of Judah.

Take note of these observations as you read this chapter again; first that when people whether they be royalty or not, but had godly influence from a prophet or family member. In such cases, those leaders did well and excelled as long as they had this kind of influence; however when those who godly influence died, too often we read they fell back from following the Lord God.

Second, see that as a result of previous generations following after the Lord, influenced children and grandchildren (vs. 33-35).

Know that what was true then remains truth today. Uzziah’s grandfather was Zadok, who was a priest. Keep in mind that every Christian is a priest and part of a kingdom of priests.

A number years ago, a young man came to visit that had been one of our youth ministry. He had come to apologize for “not paying attention” during our youth meetings; however as life went on he had some challenges that resulted him spending time incarcerated. He went on to say “Every time you looked at me as you spoke, I heard every word and wanted to change my life, but was afraid of what my friends would think.”

What an encouragement to hear him share that with me. As you read this, you need to know that you have influence over people for righteousness. NEVER under estimate the power of your godly influence on those you live with, work with, play with or touch in some other significant manner. You are a royal priest!