2 Kings 21 The God of Restoration

Manasseh assumed leadership upon his father’s death at a young age. We know that from this account in 2 Kings that he did much evil and was taken captive into Babylon as a result. All that his father, Hezekiah, had destroyed, Manasseh rebuilt along with “altars in the house of the Lord” that were dedicated to worship “all the host of heaven”. He consecrated his son to Molech, sought out all kinds of demonic wisdom and “did much evil in the sight of the Lord”. All of this provoked the Lord and Manasseh was taken captive to Babylon. Through several prophetic voices that included Isaiah, whom Manasseh had cut in two with a wooden saw; came judgments from the Lord Almighty.

Part of those judgements included turning Jerusalem upside down as like a dish, “wiping it and turning it upside down”; which spoke of taking all the riches and resources from the city.

At some point while in captivity, he repented (2 Chron. 33) and was restored to Jerusalem where he died and was buried in the family plot.

Upon Manasseh’s death, Amon his son assumed reign and “did evil in the sight of the Lord, as his father Manasseh had”. There were servants who killed Amon that wasn’t accepted by the people and they were executed and Josiah his son assumed leadership.

This chapter is a very bleak chapter at best; yet there is encouragement we can glean when combined with 2 Chron. 33. Manasseh repented and was restored! Each of us knows someone who is seemingly the worst sinner they’ve ever known. However, if we continue to intercede and witness authentic faith to them; they can turn their hearts as Manasseh did and be restored.

God is in the restoration business of people’s lives that seem the most unlikely. Yet, what seems impossible to us is the place of God’s possibility!

With God nothing is impossible!