2 Kings 25 Pay Day Will Come

Nebuchadnezzar came against Jerusalem and built a siege wall, which lasted for two plus years. The famine inside the city was terrible and a number of men of war left the city; Zedekiah also fled the city, only to be captured to watch his sons killed, and then his eyes were put out. Again this fulfilled prophecy given concerning Jerusalem and the king.

The entire city was burned and the walls were torn down around Jerusalem. The captain of the guard “carried away captive the rest of the people who remain in the city” and some of the defectors to Babylon. There were some poor folk left along with an overseer by the name of Gedaliad, who wasn’t royalty, but was given responsibility for the city and surrounding area. Many were killed by the king of Babylon, in his old age on the trip to Babylon.
Gedaliad was murdered in a plot to take his life which he had been warned about, but couldn’t believe. Not only was his life taken by Ishmael who took the lives of the Chaldeans that were present. As a result a number of people sought refuge in Egypt due to their fear of the Chaldeans.

When Nebuchadnezzar died, his son Evil-Merodach became king of Babylon and befriended king Jehoiachin who had been taken captive. For the next few years he lived as he had in Jerusalem; yet when Evil-Merodach was killed, so was Jehoiachin.

We see the conclusion of Israel, Judah and Jerusalem being taken captive into Babylon; some five hundred years before Christ. There is a payday of judgment that will come, although it may seem to be delayed or not coming; it will come. When evil is perpetuated and escalated, apart from repentance, there will be judgment.

Let us not be among those who reap judgment; rather let us be in the number of those that reap mercy. We will sow righteousness and reap the harvest of our seeds.