2 Kings 7 Daring Faith

Continuing on with the sharing of the famine and its impact on Israel, Elisha prophecies that within twenty four hours food would be available and in such a quantity that the price would be substantially less than what they had seen recently. One of the king’s servants didn’t believe this could happen and wondered if it was possible even if the “windows in heaven” would open and do it. As to whether this was in judgment or simply a prophetic word from Elisha, he was told he would see it happen; but wouldn’t partake in the celebration.

There were four leprous men; some scholars believe this was Gehazi and his three sons; who did venture by faith to surrender or be killed by the Syrians. As they began to walk toward the enemy’s camp, God caused the Syrians to hear “the noise of a great army” that they thought had been hired by Israel; which caused a great deal of confusion, resulting in the army to disperse in such a hurry they left their armor, clothing and food. Having been at the point of starvation, the lepers not only ate their fill; but hid some of the food when conviction came, reminding them what they were doing wasn’t right. They returned to the Samaria with “good news”; the enemy was gone, there was plenty of food and other items left for Samaria to plunder.

Jehoram’s servants were ever skeptical, believing it was a trick or ploy of the Syrians to get them out of the city so they could gain entrance and defeat Israel. Two servants, chariots and horses were enlisted to check out as to whether it was in fact true what had been shared; leaving 3 horses for a city to eat if they didn’t return. Upon entering the former camp of the Syrian army; all that had been told them was proven to be true. Rushing back to the city to a anxiously awaiting king, the news was shared; the next day was spent plundering the camp and just as Elisha had prophesied, Jehoram’s servant saw the food, but was killed by those who ran to get some of the food.

There are and always will be times that will require men and women of faith to make daring stands and acts; even if they’re viewed as being dysfunctional by the culture. We are currently facing such a time now; that require such a man and/or woman to make a stand. Perhaps it’s a small band that love not their lives even to the point of being willing to die for their country and values that are Bible based and honoring of the Lord God Almighty.
You may be one such person.

Dare to step up and step out by faith; you may well rescue a city, nation a world!