2 Kings 8 God’s Timing

The first two verses most likely had occurred earlier and are being repeated here by way of introduction to Gehazi and the king’s conversation.

Recall Elisha had asked this lady if there was anyone he could speak to on her behalf, including the king. We read here that she initiated an appeal to king, not by the prophet opening the door.

Some miracles are the result of being in the right place at the right time having other’s involved in proper timing as well. For this lady, such as the case; as Gehazi is recounting some of the miracles performed by Elisha by the request of the king. After having completed the story about this lady’s sons birth and resurrection; she entered the very room where Gehazi is sharing about her, he immediately recognizes her and lets the king know, this is the woman. She shares her situation with the king, who immediately declares an edict to “restore all that was her’s, and the proceeds of the field from the day she left the land”.

There are those reading this that have had property stolen by the enemy as a result of endured a spiritual famine. The Lord is about to commence the process by which restoration of what has been stolen and that which was profited as it’s been absconded. He is the God of restoration!

There are some scholars who believe Elisha went to Damascus in an attempt to lead Gehazi to repentance. When Beh-Hadad learned of Elisha’s where abouts, he sent a trusty servant with forty camels loaded with gifts to the man of God. The servant, Hazael, was commissioned to ask if Ben-Hadad would recover from his the disease he had been afflicted with.

Elisha declares the king would recover; yet knows that Hazael would murder the king and become king of Syria. Elisha shares events that would Hazael would be involved in that they were deplorable; including burning of villages, ripping babies from their mother’s wombs and killing them. Hazael, defends himself in saying he wasn’t a “dog, that he should do this thing?”

It seems that Hazael’s destiny was to become the king; yet he was unwilling to wait for the Lord’s timing and took things into his own hands. Upon returning to Ben-Hadad, Hazael gives the report of recovery and next day smothers the king with a wet towel. This was an early form of water boarding that resulted in king’s death.

Again we read that God didn’t destroy Judah because of the covenant he had established with him and his sons; which was based on the covenant relationship he had with David.

It is in this season that Edom revolted and set a king over themselves, Joram’s response, as Ahab’s, was to squelch the revolt, by going to war. During a battle he was injured and returned home Judah, where he died; thus fulfilling the prophetic word against Ahab and his household’s desolation.

God is not a man that He should lie, neither the son of man that He should repent.

God’s Word is true and will accomplish what it has been sent to do.