2 Sam. 17 Overthrowing Ungodly Counsel

Continuing to be the sage with advice for Absalom, Ahithophel counsels his friend to take twelve thousand troops to pursue David; which had the counsel been heeded, would have destroyed the small band that surrounded the king and we would not have had the reign of Solomon’s forty year reign of relative peace and prosperity for all of Israel.  Ahithophel’s advice sounded good to Absalom and all his lieutenants; however he knew that Hushai had been a wise counselor for his father David and desired to know what his might be if different and why.

Hushai proceeds to counsel Absalom almost the direct opposite of what he heard just moments earlier.  Knowing everything that Hushai said about David as being truth, he heeded Hushai’s counsel; thereby the Lord overthrowing the counsel of Ahithophel and depositing seeds that would ultimately lead to Absalom’s death.  Up to that time Ahithophel’s counsel and been heeded, with each adherence creating another step to overthrow David, giving the throne to Absalom.  Ahithophel saw the ultimate result of not heeding his counsel and took his own life.

Some reading this are being confronted with seeming “wise counsel” being given to an adversary.  The Lord would have you remember what He did for David through Hushai, will happen for you as well.  He is no respecter of people!  He cares as much for you as He did David.  We have the advantage of prayer, intercession and holding fast our declaration of faith that the counsel of enemy will be overthrown and seeds of destruction will take root downward and bear fruit upwards that will be for your good and God’s glory.  Trust Him!

Hushai sent word to Jonathan and Ahimaaz by a handmaiden, who was seen by a lad loyal to Absalom and shared what he saw.  When troops came to location they had last been seen, a lady hid them in a well, covered with a lid and grain on top of it; which was totally unknown by the men in pursuit.  Word came to David of the counsel debate and that he needed to cross Jordan immediately, which he and his band of men did.

The favor and blessing of the Lord miraculously supplied to David through Shobi, Machir and Barzillai.  They proved their loyalty and covenant stand with David by supplying a variety of needs for those who had been growing weary from the exodus.

Note this leaders; “The people are hungry and weary and thirsty in the wilderness.”  When we lead people through wilderness areas, tough times, challenges beyond individual wisdom; it’s crucial they be fed, rested and thirsts are quenched.  Of course we speak not just physically, but spiritually and emotionally as well.  God will provide creative resources if we’ll be faithful to do what He’s called us to do, even if we too are hungry, weary and thirsty.  But when we come to Him; He is bread from heaven, He is our rest and He is our water that quenches every thirst.