2 Sam. 23 Mighty Men

The final recorded poetic words of David speaking of the coming Messiah are the substance of the first portion of this chapter.  We see Jesus as the “Rock of Israel”; who is just and rules by justice.  Justice is His character, He is the “light of the morning” or as we’ve sung in the past; He’s the bright and morning Star.  He is “tender” and brings clarity.  He’ll do the same for us today.

David had an understanding that the covenant he had entered with God would bring “salvation and all his desire” to him; increasing his legacy.  Unlike those who rebel, who are thrown away and burned.

The second half gives us a record of David’s “mighty men”; reading this we can understand why they were designated as such.  Josheb had killed eight hundred men in one battle.  Eleazar battled so long that his had stuck to the sword; Shammah took a stand in a bean and/or barley field.  Three men broke through the ranks of the Philistines in the Valley of Rephaim to bring water from David’s home town to refresh him; which David offered as an offering on behalf of their valor.  Benaiah killed two princes from Moab, as well as a lion in a snowy pit.  On another occasion, with only the use of a staff, he battled an Egyptian, disarming him, then killed him with his own sword.

Thirty seven me were recognized as “mighty men of David”.  They did something bold, being fully committed, determined to not give up at any cost and made their stands.

Friend, you too can be as they were, through the power of the Holy Spirit in your life.  Determine to stand and having done all stand, even a slippery, muddy pit when you’re warring against the enemy.  Be bold; be strong, for the Lord thy God is with you!