A Call to Consecrate Ourselves to Fellowship

Acts 2:42 NIV They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer.

The Call to Consecration seems even more relevant and essential than it did a week ago.  One of the distinguishing characteristics of the early church was not only their desire but their delight to hang out and share life with one another.   It was and is still true today that it is in the informal times we share that Kingdom values and hearts are cultivated and grown.  Life long relationships are forged in the furnace of life.

Sharing life with those who add value as opposed to hanging out with who subtract from our lives.  The Church is comprised of all kinds of people, for the most part the Body of Christ are life givers, adding value to our lives.  These are those who are there in the heat of life and face challenges with us and for us.

We do have a responsibility to have “fellowship with one another” irrespective of their maturity level or even common interests; however in every relationship we need to be adding value to people.  That is what the early church did.  They added value to such a degree there wasn’t a need that went unmet.   Can that be said today?

We need each other, especially with what we’re facing but for what is coming!