A Josiah Generation

This morning during my Bible reading in 2 Chronicles 34 the Lord impressed on my heart that just as Josiah was raised up for a revival in Judah, so He was raising up A Josiah Generation today.

Even as Josiah sought God as child and then commenced to lead Judah in tearing down strongholds of past generations and restoring the temple, there are those around the world that He is raising up to do the same.   Josiah didn’t just send emissaries to do the work, he was present himself as the altars of Baal and other idols were not only pulled down, but decimated.  This  Josiah Generation  are fearless and have been giving themselves to the Lord, in many cases since they were children.  They weren’t content to hear of the Bible stories alone, they wanted to do the stuff they heard and so they have.

Josiah didn’t trash previous generations, but gleaned from them.  It’s been my experience that this Josiah Generation not only are respectful, but desire to honor as well as glean from those of us who have walked with the Lord for awhile.  They are like sponges, soaking up all that God has deposited into our hearts and lives.

Josiah led a nation to a season of repentance, evidenced by the purging of anything that smacked of idolatry, to serve and minister to the Lord and His purposes.  The Lord kept impressing me that this Josiah Generation was about to cross a threshold which will bring them into prominence, not individuals – but functioning as a team (mentored and cheered on by seasoned warriors) rather than high profile personalities.  There will be those who will have visibility, but they will walk in humility and integrity that has lacked in previous generations.

The Lord further impressed that those of us who have warred for many seasons, will be given a heightened level of discernment as to who many of these are.  He will speak to their hearts to seek out their Elijah’s and Paul’s to receive not mere information but impartation for the strongholds and idols that must be and will be not only confronted but destroyed.

In the Spirit I hear a resounding voice “Come forth Josiah Generation“!   I add my voice to the Lord’s and say “Come forth Josiah Generation”!