A Whole Lot of Rattling Going On

June 25

Ezekiel’s vision of the valley of dry bones (chapter 37), is one of the most fascinating recorded in scripture.

The bones were dry because they had lost their covering, they had lost their connection to one another, they had lost their strength and they had lost their breath. But when the Prophet began to speak over and into these bones, there was a whole lot of rattling that went on.

This is an accurate depiction of much the Church.  But being dry, without life and little use is not the destiny of the Church; God desires life to come to the Church so it will be the “great army” conquering the forces of darkness and reclaiming lives that belong to our Commander in Chief, Jesus Christ.

What will it take for the Church to arrive there?

  1. Coming together, or as Doug Stringer says “Unity with a purpose.”
  2. Strength, that comes through the Word, the Living Word – Jesus – being preeminent in our midst.
  3. Covering, getting under spiritual authority that isn’t abusive, but passionate about God and compassionate toward people.
  4. Have life breathed into us again, another Pentecost.

God’s bringing His army together.  There’s a whole lot of rattling go on in the Church, that how I know.