Antidote to Depression, Dissolution, Discouragement

Psalm 119: 49   Remember the word to Your servant, Upon which You have caused me to hope.

Arguably depression is the number one mental challenge of society.  In addition there are battles with being disillusioned and discouraged.  There is antidote and it comes back again to the Word of God.

Remembering the promises God has given us is the cure.  What promises do we have in the Word; there are literally hundreds we can draw on and from.  His Word is eternal and His Word is faithful. What are the promises God has given in a time of prayer or a prophetic word?

Rehearsing the promises acts as a buoy, lifting us out of depression, disillusionment and discouragement by bringing hope!  Hope in His Word, all of His words!

Your testimony can be as the Psalmist “This has become mine, Because I kept Your precepts” (vs. 56).