Bare Before Him

Psalm 102: 17   He shall regard the prayer of the destitute, And shall not despise their prayer.

Reading the word “destitute” the first impression is poverty or needy.  Yet the meaning is graphically different.  It means to be “bare” or if you will be open, transparent and vulnerable.

God promises if we don’t try to cover up the challenges, transgressions He will pay attention and move on behalf of the supplicant.

Personally I want to stay destitute or bare before Him, thereby receiving His attention and intervention.

Nationally there are those who cry out to Him for that to happen, cease covering up and trying to sooth ills and woes of the culture.  When the United States as a nation gets bare, God will intervene.  When preachers cease avoiding scriptural mandates and topics then God will “regard” His Church.

Will you join that company of people who choose to get destitute for ourselves, our churches and our nation?