Benefit of Getting Called Out

Psalm 51: 2   Wash me thoroughly from my iniquity, And cleanse me from my sin.

Throughout this Psalm David pours out his heart seeking restoration with Almighty God.  Even though he was king of a mighty nation his hidden transgression with Bathsheba, conspiracy of murder and an attempted cover-up was known by the Lord and revealed to the prophet Nathan who in turn called David out on his actions.

Undoubtedly Nathan was at the very least challenged by the revelation given him by the Lord, how to respond, should he seek counsel, how to best approach David, what if he kills me; scenarios that he likely wrestled with.  This Man of God refused to succumb to fear of man and called the king out.

This entire Psalm is David’s response to the Lord due to the faithfulness by a man of God.  The benefit of this “calling out” wasn’t the humiliation of the king or the exposure of hidden transgression; the benefit was RESTORATION.

The Lord continues to “call out” for repentance that leads to restoration today; through His word, by His Spirit and at times by a man/woman of God.  The goal isn’t vindictiveness; it is always restoration to Father God.