Deposits of Courage

There are occasions in life that we need deposits of courage, or if you will to be “encouraged”.  The writer of Hebrews (3:13NAS) exhorts us to “encourage one another day after day, as long as it is still called “Today,”

How do we make deposits of courage into others or in ourselves?

David’s life shows a pattern for making these kinds of deposits into ourselves and to others providing strength to face the varied challenges of life.  David’s men were getting ready to stone him as a result of having lost their families, possessions; which was a result of having been battle weary and rejection. (1 Sam. 30).

1st David encouraged himself with the Presence of the Lord.  The ephod represented the presence of the Lord and David knew how critical His Presence was for his life and destiny.

2nd David encouraged himself through prayer and supplication.  He “inquired of the Lord”.  Courage is the result of habits that are cultivated over the course of life, not just events where courage is required.

3rd David encouraged himself in the promises of God, that he would not only be able to overtake the thieves, but would in fact “recover all”.

4th David encourage himself by pursuing the will of God without hesitation or reservation.  He did what the Lord “encouraged” him to do.

Do you need a deposit of courage for yourself?  Do you know someone who needs to have a deposit made into their life?

Deposit courage and be an “encourager”.