Do I Really Want That?

Psalm 106: 15   And He gave them their request, But sent leanness into their soul.

There are trade-offs in most of the decisions and choices we make.  We opt for “this”, yet “that” is lost, stolen or destroyed, never to be retrieved.  The after taste is foul and disgusting, savored with regret and disappointment.

The Psalmist throughout this chapter recounts Israel’s pilgrimage out of Egypt through Babylonian captivity.  This verse gives account of asking for meat in a season of discontent with the miraculous supply of manna.  The preceding verse speaks of their testing God, as if they doubted His ability to supply a “lust” for their carnal desires.  They didn’t think of it as a lust, nor do we; yet the flesh yearns for satisfaction with the carnal, while being discontent with the Lord’s abundant resources sustaining, nourishing that are strengthening us already.

There have been “requests” I’ve had that weren’t granted like everyone.  Self poses the question, do I want to trade that at the expense of relationship and intimacy with God?  Would it bring pleasure, most likely; is it worth walking the slippery slope sliding toward the fleshly and carnality?  I don’t think so.

“Lord thanks for not granting requests that only feed ego, lust, greed or my flesh.  Give me the requests that lead me to a deeper, fuller, more satisfying relationship with You, who loves my soul and delights in giving the keys of the Kingdom to me.”